About Us

Our Mission

To rescue men from addiction for life.

Our Vision

To reach broken families through the power of the gospel within the context of the local church and seeing a measurable impact at home, work, and community.

Why we help the addicted?

Converting Hearts believes that God gives beauty for ashes in the lives of families broken by addiction….simply put, good comes from bad.

Our Values

1. Centrality of the Gospel

2. Sufficiency of Christ & Scripture

3. Incarnational Ministry

4. Holistic Transformation from the inside out via the Holy Spirit

5. Human Beings are Worshippers – it is not something we do but something we are

6. Local Church and Missional Communities Striving Together – Phillippians 1:27

7. The Sanctity of Marriage

8. Grace as the Great Motivator – Romans 5-8

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Converting Hearts Ministries, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Carlton and Wayne Edwards in Creedmoor, NC. Situated in rural North Carolina within Granville County, the Edwards’ chose Creedmoor because of their love for the community, andit has become a pilgrimage for recovering addicts seeking a fresh start for over 20 years.

Popular regional substance abuse ministries such as the Bethel Colony of Mercy, Hebron Colony, and the Elim Home have encouraged NC natives, and those wanting a different recovery context, to experience a new beginning within this friendly town. This is largely due to the ministry of the Damascus House which was founded in 1991 by a local pastor who was wanting a faith-based, holistic discipleship option for his son. Indeed freedom from chemical substance abuse is one small aspect in the overarching change process, but the hard work of living 365 days per year with a different purpose amidst others who are largely living for the illusive dream of self-success is a gargantuan task.

This was the same motivation that Carlton possessed when he returned to Creedmoor from the Bethel Colony of Mercy in 2007. He approached his son, Wayne, and challenged him to invest his resources of time, talent, and treasure into this incredible redemption opportunity; men desperate for another chance, but that needed help. The Edwards’ secured a 3 bedroom duplex within city limits to give men another transition option in Creedmoor, and Wayne channeled his business savvy towards sustaining the operation by opening a Thrift Store one mile from the Transitional Facility in 2008.

Wayne met Shawn Saunders in 2009, and after a year of getting to know one another’s passions, abilities, and their reason of interests–Shawn’s brother, Will, and Wayne’s dad, Carlton, they decided to partner and open a comprehensive recovery solution that would span 360 degrees for not only the addicted man, but could revitalize and empower their family–the man’s number one support network. As author Stephen Covey would put it, the Edwards’ and Saunders’ began with the end in mind.

They embraced God’s change plan called sanctification for addicts, and consequently targeted local churches as the aftercare audience. Thus, Converting Hearts is a hybrid addictions ministry; it is like a local church which plants other churches. It’s goal is to demonstrate incredible change to communities in order to engage the citizens in planting residential addiction’s ministries within their communities with the local churches leading the way.

The process of accomplishing this goal is complex in scope, robust in theory, but very specific and obtainable. Shawn targeted three specific men who held advanced degrees in a narrow area of Christian Counseling called Biblical Counseling and enlisted their expertise to test the biblical counseling concepts and methods in a residential, addictions venue.

In 2010 & 2011, CHM focused on developing a creative and highly relational First Phase Residential Ministry with an agricultural component to aid in the four dimensional approach: theological, psychological, physical, and social.

As social entrepreneurs, Shawn and Will, began by directly working with a variety of addicts and their families and by engaging local churches and Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest to participate by mentoring and teaching. Wayne and Shawn teamed in raising major donor support, securing properties and board members, and Wayne handled the majority of the administrative aspects through his CPA firm. Will invested most of his time in securing in-kind resources for facility operation, managing the men in the evenings, and direct marketing efforts for entry level support.

Only after a couple months, CHM saw pastors, professors, and business men discipling addicted men, and matriculated residents with various profiles from regional churches to the CHM Currin Transformation Farm. The infant ministry was able to secure program fees from many of the clientele, and private support to subsidize from several foundations, churches, and a growing donor base of engaged individuals.

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